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    Boat Keys

    Replacement Boat Keys

    Coast Auto Locksmiths provides replacement boat keys for the Central Coast and surrounding areas. We carry a large selection of boat key blanks that covers most boats. We are a fully equipped mobile automotive locksmith which allows us to come to you and complete the job quickly onsite without any fuss.

    Many of our boating customers who have contacted Coast Auto Locksmiths have been very happy with how quick with have got them going as they are usually wanting to head out fishing but lost or forgot their boat key.

    At Coast Auto Locksmiths, we don't need to remove, nor pull apart the throttle control unit to reach the lock. We make keys using a traditional locksmith method called Key Impressioning. This method when done properly is the best.  Key impressioning is a dying skill among locksmiths these days so we are proud to carry the tradition which cut down time on the job of making keys to your boat.

    Boat Locksmith Tips

    It's important to lubricate your boat locks especially if you are boating in salt water as locks are prone to corrosion. If you leave your key in the lock all the time, it's best to remove and replace every time you use your boat and also lubricate once a year with a silicon spray or something like WD40.

    Loosing your boat key is not so common but it does happen from time to time.  We also get call from customers who have dropped their car keys in the water.  It's more common to be called out to a boat ramp to make keys to a car than a boat. 

    Make sure you have a spare key somewhere at home or it in the glovebox of the car.  Keep a float on your boat key ring just in case it gets dropped in the water, other wise you might just be fishing for your keys instead.

    Last but not least, it's a good idea to clip a float on to your car keys when on and around the water. As mentioned, we are making keys to cars more often than boats.

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