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    Proximity & Smart Keys

    Proximity and smart keys have become more common in recent years and are essentially the same thing. Coast Auto Locksmiths can supply and program proximity keys for most makes and model cars in the market. We mostly stock a good range of high quality after market and genuine smart keys which allows us to provide great service at the best prices. We also supply proximity flip keys. The most common keys we supply and program are for Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Holden and Nissan.

    Replacement Proximity Keys

    Lost your only proximity keys?  Don't worry, our mobile locksmith vehicle is fully equipped with the latest and safest programming equipment and provides a fast and reliable service all over the Central Coast. We travel as far South as Patonga Beach, North to Lake Macquarie and West to Wollombi and Spencer.

    Smart Key Locksmith Tips

    Did you know that that you proximity/smart key has a concealed key blade? This can be used if your battery has gone flat in the your fob.  Look for a little button that pushes in or pulls down, and the blade is usually connected to the key ring. 
    If you can't find a key hole to insert your proximity key, then you will find under the cover which is usually and easily removed by using the tip of the key blade. Look for a small gap under the handle and pry it off.  Keep in mind that the keyhole can be on the drivers or passenger side of the car. Best to check first before you start.
    After entering your car using the key blade, you may find your car won't start if the fob battery if flat. Try holding the key fob in your hand and push the start button with the fob. Try flipping the key around if it doesn't work. Failing that you may need to find a slot which can be sometimes hard to find. The most common place is in the center console. You may need to lift up the fabric or remove a cover. 
    Give us a call if you can't get your car going as the proximity key may be damaged. We provide 24/7 service for the Central Coast area.

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    • Over 25 years automotive locksmith experience
    • We cover an extensive range of automotive locksmith services on the Central Coast
    • Our prices are much lower than most dealerships
    • We love what we do and do it well!
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