Spare Car Key

Coast Auto Locksmiths – Spare Car Key

Being stranded on the Central Coast Auto Locksmiths with no car keys can be a nightmare, therefore having a spare car key is much more important than you may think. Loosing your main car key without having a spare is the worst situation to be in but if you have just one spare car key that will start the car is enough to get you out of trouble. Making a new car key from scratch can be very expensive and furthermore, some cars are very complicated and may cost you thousands of dollars for a new key.

A spare car key doesn’t necessarily need to be a full remote key. Most spare car key only needs to be able to open the car door lock and start the car.  A car dealer may say that you need to have a remote key but car dealers are not locksmiths and they strictly play by their rules, that is, if the car comes with a remote key, then that is what they will supply period. Using Coast Auto Locksmiths is a cheaper option because we can usually cut and program a new spare car key quick and easily at a fraction of the cost.

If you loose you car key but have spare that starts the car then getting a new full remote key is usually a straight forward process and a lot cheaper than making new key in an all-keys-lost situation.

Talk to us today about getting a new key cut. It just might save you hundreds of dollars and a lot of stress.

Spare Car Key and Coast Auto Locksmiths