Cars Opened – Keys Locked Inside

Cars Opened Central Coast

Coast Auto Locksmiths should be your first port of call if you have locked your keys in your car on the Central Coast. We can open most makes and models of car very quickly.

Most causes of your car key being locked inside of your car is human error, but sometimes the strangest things happen and your car simply has a mind of its own.  It’s not uncommon to heard my customers say that their car just locked by itself. In these cases the car for some reason hasn’t recognized  that a door has been open and so the car will automatically lock the doors.  This is usually a safety feature for when the remote button has been pressed accidentally and the car will automatically re-lock after a minute to prevent a thief from just opening the door.

Another reason is when the battery on your remote goes flat or even the battery in your car is dead flat. Customers therefore try using their key in the door lock but find it doesn’t work.

Cars Opened Keys Locked Inside