Replacement Car Keys

Coast Auto Locksmiths provides Replacement Car Keys for situations where all car keys have been lost. If you are located on the Central Coast, or Hornsby and Newcastle areas and have lost your car key or need a car key replacement, we can replace your lost car key quickly at a competitive price. We can cut and program car keys for most cars on the Central Coast.

Fully Qualified Automotive Locksmith

Not all “locksmiths” on the Central Coast are qualified automotive locksmiths and only some have had long term experience with automotive transponder keys.  Coast Auto Locksmiths is fully qualified with extensive locksmith knowledge of automotive cars from car as early as the 1960’s to the current model cars.

There are generally two stages to cutting and program new keys to cars. First the mechanical key needs to be cut, usually by decoding a door lock, pulling a mechanical key code using diagnostic equipment (Holden Commodores only) or obtaining the pin code from a car dealership. The second stage is to program the car to accept the new transponder chip. Both stages can have their own unique challenges and that’s why is best to seek an experienced and qualified automotive locksmith specialist to do the job quickly and without damaging your car’s electrical system or locks.

Car Key Replacement

Dropped Car Keys

If your car doesn’t start as a result of dropping you keys or you were replacing the battery in your integrated remote key, then you have most likely lost the little transponder chip within the key shell. Try retracing your steps first to find it and then give us a call if you have no luck. Replacing the little transponder chip is usually cheaper then a situation where all keys are lost.