Car Ignition Repairs

Central Coast Car Ignition Repairs

Car ignition repairs are a common job for Coast Auto Locksmiths on the Central Coast. Jammed ignitions are caused by several reasons but the most common cause is due to combination of warn parts inside the ignition and a warn key. Car ignition problems are very common across some car makes and models such as the Holden Commodore and Astra, Toyota Camry and Rodeo. The runner up is a few Honda models.  Problems with Mitsubishi and Nissan are usually just warn key problems.

If you are located on the central coast and having problems turning your key in your car ignition, then just give us a call. We are centrally located and will do our best to respond very fast.

A couple of tips to try and help you get out of trouble are to giggle the key up and down, in and out slightly and gently. Use a bit of WD40 if available. If you do manage to get it going then make sure you get it fixed. Chances are it might not turn again which makes it more expensive to repair because of the difficulty of removing the ignition when jammed.

Most ignition repairs which leave you stranded on the Central Coast can be avoided with early intervention. This means as soon as you start to have problems tuning your key, you should get it fixed. Don’t let it go too long.

Repairing Toyota Camry Ignition Barrel

More Information on Car Ignitions

Holden Commodores usually require a new ignition barrel, but because this problem for model from VN through to VZ, the genuine or aftermarket replacement barrels is inexpensive compared with most other car ignitions.

Honda ignitions problems are usually caused by a warn key which slowly damages the ignition. An ignition repair is needed and a usually a new key or just a new key shell and blade.

Toyota Ignitions have anti-pick wafers inside the ignition barrel which wear out and seize the ignition. An ignition repair is needed