Broken Car Key Remotes

Car Key Remotes

Broken car key remotes are common for many cars on the Central Coast NSW. Coast Auto Locksmiths supplies most types of car remotes and remote shells and can change the remote and transponder components over to the new remote key shell. Some of the most problematic remotes are Mitsubishi, Toyota, Hyundai and Holden.

Central Coast Auto Locksmith Key Replacement
Holden Commodore Remote Key

Some models are easy to replace with only needing to change the remote module and cutting the key.  Others may look easy but can be tricky, especially flip keys which are very common these days. One of the biggest risks of changing remote shells over is loosing or damaging the transponder chip which is usually independent of the remote module. In some remotes the transponder chip is easily lost and in others the chip is glued in with superglue, making it a difficult task to remove it without damaging it.

Broken Car Key

Some remotes have the battery soldered to the contacts and this would indicate that it is a rechargeable battery which is recharged every time it is placed in the ignition.  The Commodores from VR to VZ are a good example of a remote that has a rechargeable battery. From my experience with commodores, I have found it better to replace the remote altogether rather than trying to repair. I also find the key blade is usually warn and should be replaced at the same time. Only an inspection from a qualified locksmith will be able to tell you if the key blade should be replaced or not.

Broken Car Remote Key Blades

Broken key blades are also a common occurrence and typically happens to keys which have deep cuts on the blade. Sometimes the broken key can be left lodged in the ignition or door and will need to be removed carefully to avoid the pushing the broken piece further into the barrel. Coast Auto Locksmiths carry the best broken key extractors to give us  the best chance of removing the broken key without removing the whole ignition barrel or door lock. So don’t worry if you have a broken key blade as we can most likely get you going again without any fuss.

We are located centrally on the Central Coast and come to you to replace to replace your key shell. Just give us a call to see how good our priced are compared to a car dealer who will most likely say you will need new complete keys.

Remote Keys with Damaged Buttons

Even if you have a remote with damaged buttons, we can replace them too. See the image below where I have re-soldered new micro switches onto the circuit board. Then all I needed to do was to replace the case and all done. This saved the customer a few hundred dollars as she did not need to but a whole replacement key.

Broken Car Key Replacement
Repaired Micro Switches on Circuit Board
Broken Car Key Repair
Repaired Remote Key

If you are located on the Locksmith Central Coast and have a broken remote key of any kind, no matter how far gone you think it my be, just give us a call to discuss your options before heading off to your local car dealer.