Motorcycle Transponder Keys


Motorcycle Transponder Keys

Motorcycle keys are easy to clone and is the cost effective way to get a spare key quickly without any fuss.  Going through a dealership isn’t necessary as the technology isn’t complicated when you are just cloning keys.  We are litterally copying the exact infomation over to another key therefore the imobiliser system on you motorbike thinks it’s the same key.

As long as who have one working key that starts your bike, then you can always get another spare key cut and cloned. However, if you loose your one and only key then you are in trouble. While making a spare motorcycle key through the cloning process is easy, extracting the transponder information out of you motorcycle can be complicated and expensive.

May I suggest if you only have one key to your bike, you get another one cut as soon as possibly. Motorbike keys can be as cheap as $95 on the Central Coast but to make keys from scratch will set you back more than $1000, a lot of time and inconvenience.

If you Motorcycle is under 250cc then there is a good chance it will not have an imobiliser fitted to your bike. Therfore you are in luck and the price to make keys to your motorbike comes down substantially.

Please note that to make keys to your motorcycle, we DON’T need to remove any of your locks from the bike. Our many years experience with motorcycle key has made us a leading experts for making keys to motorcycles.

If you live on the Central Coast and have lost your keys, then give us a call for a quote today.