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    Ignition Repairs

    Coast Auto Locksmiths repairs and replaces car ignitions for most makes and models here on the Central Coast. We keep in stock a range of ignitions for the more common cars that require a replacement ignition. These include VW,  Holdens and Fords. Other models such as Honda and Toyota often just require an ignition repair.

    Ignition problems can also just be key related and don’t require an ignition repair or replacement. These are usually older model cars.  From my experience, the more technical keys such as 4 Track keys are more problematic due to design of the wafers inside the ignition and wear on the tip of the key. Inline keys tend to wear on the high cuts of the key. 

    At the first sign of trouble turning your car key in your ignition, give us a call. It’s best to resolve the problem before the key stops turning altogether.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Offers a range of excellent locksmith services at affordable prices
    • Precision cut keys for cars, trucks, trailers, and motorbikes
    • Retaining highest quality for all the keys produced
    • Fast delivery and lasts longer
    • Round-the-clock services

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