Commodore Ignition & Key Problems

Commodore Ignitions and Key problems usually start with the key occasionally seizing or jamming and not wanting to turn. Sometimes the key will turn and nothing happens and it feels easier to turn with no or little resistance. These are common problems with the later model commodores from the VN through to VZ models.

Broken Commodore Key Remote

In most cases the ignition barrel needs to be replaced and sometimes the key blade will need to be replaced with a key blade cut back to code. If the black remote key head is still in good condition then there is no need to replace the head itself.

It’s always better to have the ignition replaced before the ignition jams up completely as this makes the replacement process quicker and easier. If the commodore ignition has completely jammed it can still be replaced but often can take more time and it may result in the ignition needing to be drilled out.

The ignition housing – the part that incorporates the barrel and the steering lock is pretty much always okay and will not need replacing. In very rare cases the wiring switch may need replacing.

Commodore Key Head Problems

Commodore key head problems are usually the result of the rubber buttons warn out exposing the micro switches. Eventually the micro switches become damaged and one or both of the buttons stop working. Quiet often when the commodore owner tries to open the door with the key, it won’t work and creates a lockout situation. This situation also occurs when the car battery goes flat and again the key does not turn in the door lock.

The best advice I we can give is to try some WD40 in the door lock first and if that fails, just give us a call for help on 0473 450 000. We can usually respond pretty quickly.

Coast Auto Locksmiths is available 24/7 on the Central Coast to help you with all your car key and ignition problems.

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