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    Ignition Repairs

    Ignition Repairs


    Coast Auto Locksmiths repairs and replaces car ignitions for most makes and models here on the Central Coast. We keep in stock a range of ignition barrels and ignition housings and ignition switches for the more common cars that require a replacement ignition. These include Volkswagen, Holden and Ford. Other models such as Honda, Kia, Hyundai and Toyota. These cars usually just require an ignition repair by cleaning, replacing the lock wafers, or just cutting a key back to code.

    The type of car ignition problem can differ from year, make and model, therefore it’s important to establish the exact details of the car. The good news is once this has been established, it is usually easy to identify the problem. For example, Holden commodores from VN to VZ have the same ignition assembly and require a new ignition barrel around 95% of the time.  Another example is the Toyota Hilux. Problems with a Toyota Hilux ignition between 1995 to 2004 will most likely need an ignition repair where as a Hilux on either side of this year range, especially after 2004 will more likely require a new key cut back to code. 

    Warn or damaged keys can accelerate wear in ignition barrels, particularly in 4-track keys. These are keys with the cuts down the center of the key. Spraying your ignition with a lubricant like Inox can prolong the life of your ignition.

    At the first sign of trouble turning your car key in your ignition, give us a call if you live on the Central Coast. It’s best to resolve the problem before the key stops turning altogether. When the ignition stops turning the process of removing and repairing the ignition can be much harder and takes more time, specialised equipment and skill to remove the barrel. Most ignition barrels need to be turn to accessories or the on position before it can be removed and repaired.

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