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    Automotive Locksmiths – What Exactly Do They Do?

    Locksmiths cover a large range of services but Automotive Locksmiths specialise just on automotive which may include but not limited to cars, trucks, bikes and also boats and machinery. Just like Coast Auto Locksmiths, most automotive locksmiths are mobile and don’t have a shop front as most jobs require driving to the job, being most customers are stuck because of a jammed ignition or have lost their car keys. Here on the Central Coast NSW it is common for our customers to have lost their keys at the beach. Specialised Automotive Locksmiths usually have a vehicle set up primarily for automotive which doesn’t leave any room to carry stock for general locksmithing such as residential and commercial. This is because there is a lot of equipment required such as programmers, cloners, at least 2 key machines and hundreds of different key blanks. We also need to carry replacement stock of the most common faulty ignition locks and ignition housing. There is a lot technical skills that needs to be learnt when it come to automotive locksmiths and that’s why many locksmiths have chosen not to upskill and only provide limited services like car key cloning. Pretty much like mister minute but certified. Some locksmith do both and do it well.

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    • Over 25 years automotive locksmith experience
    • We cover an extensive range of automotive locksmith services on the Central Coast
    • Our prices are much lower than most dealerships
    • We love what we do and do it well!
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